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Live notifications

Marblism integrates natively live notifications. Everytime an entity is created on your app, it will send a notification to the creator of the entity. You can customise the way notification are sent to make it work for your use cases.


How to use it

Let's say you are creating a chat app and you want to notify the user receiving a message.

1. Emit a notification event

We are going to change the MessageController create endpoint so that for every message created, we send a notification from the back-end to the front-end to the user that shall receive it.

  1. Import EventService in the MessageController
import { EventService } from 'libraries/event'
  1. Register EventService in the constructor
private eventService: EventService,
) {}
  1. Emit the event after a message is created
async create(@Body() body: MessageCreateDto) {
const item = await this.messageDomainFacade.create(body)

await this.eventService.emit<{ id: string; message: string }>(
{ userId: item.receiverId, message: item.message },

return item

2. Hande a notification event to create a new notification

In api/src/modules/notification/infrastructure/subscribers you will find one subscriber file per entity in your database.


async handleCreation(
data: {userId: string, message: string},
) {
const values: Partial<Notification> = {
title: 'New message',
message: `You just received a new message: ${message}`,
senderName: 'API',

await this.notificationDomainFacade.create({ ...values, userId })

3. Send a socket event to the front-end

Add a line to push the notification live to the user using WebSocket.


this.socketService.send(userId, 'notification.created', notification)

The front-end automatically listen to socket events sent with the key notification.created and display the notification in real-time