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Host your application on Marblism.

How does it work

1. App Build

The first step builds your app using the command pnpm run build.

Common Errors

Some errors only occur when you deploy your project for hosting.

  1. Launch your Workspace
  2. Review the tab 'logs' and rectify issues
  3. Re-run pnpm run build in the Editor Terminal until successful

2. Database

Marblism automatically configures a PostgreSQL database. The database URL will be included in your environment variables.

3. Infrastructure

Finally, your infrastructure is created and available in your sub-domain.

Common Errors

By default, your monorepo starts your web and server applications with the correct settings.

In case you've changed it, check the following

  • Web package starts on port 8099
  • Server package starts on port 3099

4. Maintenance

Deploy Latest Version

Builds from the #main branch and releases a new version.

Restart Current Version

Retains the currently deployed version - useful for updating environment variables.

Environment Variables

By default, Marblism takes care of everything. All required variables are created and protected.

The SERVER_AUTHENTICATION_SECRET is generated automatically for your security. You can update this secret at any time if needed.

If your app uses emails, AI or file upload, make sure to add the relevant environment variables.
environment variables