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Welcome to Marblism - the platform to generate your React/NodeJS application in minutes ✨

Drop any idea into it and you get a fully functional back-end and front-end as an output.

Perfect for CTOs, indie hackers, freelancers, agencies, or developer with a project – with Marblism, you can bring it to life in 15 minutes.

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Create an account on Marblism App.

Describe your project

Provide a description of your project and its features, outlining any specifics the AI should consider for optimal output during the generation process.


This step is essential, so make sure to communicate the details effectively following prompt best practices.

Review your user flow

Take a look at the pages and user stories it generated. If anything needs tweaking, click around and make it just right.

You can define path params like /tweets/:id, to access a specific item.

Review your data structure

This serves as the backbone of your project. Feel free to review and, if needed, customize it by clicking "Change Something" and entering any modifications you want.

Enjoy 🎉

The project is yours.

Launch your Workspace to view and continue shaping your app.

Once ready, publish your app with our one-click Hosting service.

You can also access your codebase on Github to run it locally.

Upgrade your Codebase

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we regularly introduce new features and enhancements, available to you for free.