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Welcome to Marblism - the platform to generate, edit and host your fullstack NextJS application in minutes ✨

Drop any idea into it and you get a fully functional back-end and front-end as an output.

Perfect for CTOs, indie hackers, freelancers, agencies, or developer with a project – with Marblism, you can bring it to life in 15 minutes.

Marblism is great for:

  • ✅ SaaS apps
  • ✅ Marketplaces
  • ✅ Social apps
  • ✅ Internal tools
  • ✅ AI apps

Tech Stack

The apps are generated with the following tech stack, largely inspired from the popular T3 Stack

NextJSReact framework
Ant DesignDesign system
Next AuthAuthentication
PrismaDatabase ORM
tRPCCall directly your back-end from the front-end
PostgreSQLRelational database
ZenstackPermissions/Roles/Multi-tenancy made easy

Build faster with AI

The Workspace is your ultimate development platform that lets you view and iterate on your app.

The AI knows all the context about your app - making it more efficient to make changes.


Create an account on Marblism App and launch your app!