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App Preview

The App Preview lets you create sessions to view and test your application.

The session integrates a no-code tool that lets you ask any changes on the fly.

How does it work

Start a session from your project overview and use the input at the bottom of your screen to ask any changes.

Once a change is developped, it appears on your page after few seconds. Then it's up to you if you want to keep it or roll it back.

Change a UI element

When you request a change, remember Marblism only recognizes the page you're currently on.

Focus on one change at a time and keep requests simple.

Change the button label to "Submit."
Add a footer to the card with "Social Networks" as its content.
Make the grid wider on small screens, ensuring it fits all screen sizes.
The avatar is too close to the left edge. Add some padding around it to center it properly.
Add the same form as on the User Profile page.
Don't ask to move the button, delete the title, add a card, and display a carousel all at once.

Add or change a feature

Marblism can work with any API functions to modify your page. This means you can add, change, or delete features.

You can't add or remove pages, or edit your API/data model at this time.

Include followers when fetching users and show the total on each user card.
Add a button to open a modal for creating new tweets.
Remove comments from posts.
Add a new page to view the list of users.
Remove this page.
Add a field on the user data model to store phone numbers.
Integrate Twitter's SDK.

Fix issues

When testing your app, you can ask Marblism to correct any bugs.

Always describe what triggers the problem.

When the page loads, the data isn't fetched properly, showing an error message. Ensure the data is fetched correctly.
There's an error when the form is submitted. Please fix this issue.
After form submission, the uploaded image isn't attached to the post. Please ensure it's linked correctly.
Uploading an image doesn't add it to the file list. Please correct this.
It doesn't work.
Try again.


Each request you make is treated independently, recognizing only:

  • The page you're currently viewing
  • The API functions and models from your data model

It doesn't know about:

  • Other pages of your app
  • Past requests you've made


You can check out the history of accepted changes and revert to any previous state.

Rolling back saves a backup branch of your current version on GitHub. While you can't restore it directly through the Marblism App, your changes are safe and can be manually retrieved with Git.



Your Marbles marble are used only for changes you agree to.

Each accepted change uses up 10 Marbles marble.



Expect a short delay when you visit a page for the first time, as your app runs in a NextJS development environment. This initial loading time will vanish once your application is deployed with our hosting service.